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          Am I using the right growing media?

                       Should I water my plants everyday?

            Do I need to change pots?

                               What fertilizer should I use?

                                               Could I grow my orchids outdoors?

   Would you like to improve how to best care for your orchids?

   Are you seeking answers to your questions about orchid cultivation? Then we invite you to join us...


We will welcome you to our orchid society!

   The Santa Clara Valley Orchid Society, also known as SCVOS, convenes on the first Wednesday of every month to engage in a variety of activities. These include captivating presentations showcasing our blooming orchids, exchanging valuable orchid cultivation tips, discussing the latest happenings in horticulture, participating in holiday get togethers and participating in thrilling orchid auctions. All of these activities are enjoyed while developing a sense of community and sharing the enjoyment of the beautiful world of orchids.

   The SCVOS is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals who share a deep appreciation for orchids. During our monthly gatherings, members have the opportunity to:

- Display their personal plants and share insights on successful cultivation techniques

- Reflect on past activities and strategize for upcoming events

- Attend engaging presentations from professional local orchid growers or international scientific experts

- Participate in monthly raffles for top-tier orchids from some of California's best growers and our own members

   Membership to the SCVOS is available for a nominal fee of $25 per year. As a member, you will have access to all of our exclusive events and activities, including:

- Monthly newsletters featuring fascinating orchid news and great photographs from fellow society members

- Special celebrations such as our 4th of July barbecue and year-end holiday dinner

- The opportunity to bid on plant divisions from both our members and professional California growers at the annual SCVOS auction

- Attend our highly-anticipated annual shows and sales events

- Join the society and other Bay Area societies on special trips to local greenhouses and parks throughout the Bay Area

   If you are unsure about whether joining the SCVOS is right for you, we invite you to attend one of our meetings at no cost to experience our welcoming community firsthand.

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